Unconventional thinking, to get real, authentic, creative moments.

Hey, I’m
Giana Cormier.

I’m a director and producer with 8+ years of experience in photography and videography. With every new creative experience that comes my way, I work hard to make sure each photo or video is artful and unique.

Relationships and communication are just as important to me, and I make sure every person I come across is treated with respect and care. I’m so grateful for each opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll create.

“Giana captured the vibe and aesthetic of my brand better than I could have ever imagined...


She came ready with creative ideas and concepts for the models to execute but also took my suggestions. She made it really enjoyable and easy from start to finish. I believe that Giana really helped with the boom of success in my small business with her next level photography! I can't thank her enough for truly bringing my brand to life. I highly recommend Giana to any and all!"

“I'm an aspiring model in San Diego that's had the pleasure of working with Giana.


The woman knows what she’s doing. I felt comfortable with her as a beginner because she not only has the eye for the right angle and lighting, but she has amazing advice pose wise. It always helps when the photographer knows exactly what they want out of the shoot. Her work (which speaks for itself), is airy, moody, and where beauty meets the strange and unconventional. It’s impossible to look bad through her lens.”

“Working with Giana is an unforgettable experience.

As a woman of color, it is exceptionally difficult at times to find photographers who are able to photograph you in the correct lighting, backgrounds, etc. but after working with Giana I took pride in knowing she was able to capture my skin color/beauty in its purest form and this experience gave me so much more confidence to be comfortable with photography."


“From the moment I met Giana, I could see her work ethic and knowledge in the craft of photography.

She made me feel so comfortable while modeling, a quality I feel is so important in a photographer. Additionally, I greatly appreciated Giana's prep work as well as her overall dedication to the concept. Her creativity is so focused and inspiring. I can not recommend Giana enough!”